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Short Format Films
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Prime example of a late-1960s (non-porn) fetish stag reel. A latex-clad mistress punishes four slave girls with a rope flogger. Non-stop whipping and spanking action plus obligatory bondage. A bit more serious and consistent in tone than most of the semi-comic shorts in this sub-genre. This public domain film loop has been re-released on "Bizarro Sex Loops #15".
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Topics: vintage, underground, bound, fetish, stag, S&M, bound, corporal, punishment, bdsm, s&m....
Feature Films
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The coroner and scientist Dr. Warren Chapin is researching the shivering effect of fear with his assistant David Morris. Dr. Warren is introduced to Ollie Higgins, the relative of a criminal sentenced to the electric chair, while making the autopsy of the corpse, and he makes a comment about the tingler-effect to him. Ollie asks for a lift to Dr. Warner, and introduces his deaf-mute wife Martha Higgins, who manages a theater of their own. Dr. Warner returns home, where he lives with his...
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Movie Trailers
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. "The Case of the Stripping Wives" (1966) is believed to be a lost sexploitation film. All that remains is this promotional theater trailer. Too bad, as it looks like fun. A typical nudie cutie that played in adults-only grind house venues at that time. By the late '60s these films became a bit more story-driven, instead of the passive voyeurism seen a few years earlier. Directed by Manuel Conde, who did a dozen forgettable nudies and softcore porn films. The cast are mostly one-shot...
Topics: exploitation, sex, sexploitation, nude, nudie, cutie, adult, move, film, grindhouse, underground,...
Prelinger Archives
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